Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Digitization is important.

But where exactly are the potentials for SMEs? We bring light into the darkness and help you further.


Home for small and medium-sized companies that want to shape the future of their company and their region together on an equal footing and trusting with medium-sized companies, research and talents. Authentic experience of products and services around digitization / Industry 4.0. Trusting learning, from knowledge about people and technology as well as SMEs, start-ups, education and research to sustainable education. Collaborative thinking when it comes to the use of automation, the collaboration of humans and robotics, digital education or the development of new digital business models. We advise you on equal terms and create added value that will make you fit for the future. Achieving more together!

Digitalization –
better today that tomorrow

The chances of digitizing processes and products have largely been recognized by SMEs, but implementation is the main concern. Changes in the corporate culture, new work processes and issues of data security unsettle medium-sized companies and the lack of availability of modern data infrastructure inhibit the digitization process in-house. But the digital transformation must be driven today to take advantage of tomorrow’s market opportunities.

Companies need to invest in their future to compete with increasing productivity, individualized products, and lower costs in the modern marketplace. For employees, this means better reconciling work and family life, making companies more attractive to skilled workers.

One of the primary SME objectives must be to advance the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Business and politics are equally challenged here: On the one hand, with the expansion of the digital infrastructure, ie state-of-the-art broadband access as well as high-performance fixed and mobile networks, also for rural areas. In addition, the security of the company’s IT and its data must be strengthened, e.g. against cyberattacks, industrial espionage and international security agencies. And above all, well-trained specialists must be available to companies that enable and drive forward the digital revolution.

The MittelstandsCampus accompanies medium-sized companies individually in their digitization. Our network of experts gladly accepts your challenge!